Local Coat Drive?

Anybody know of a local coat drive happening now or soon?

Gen Wealth located on Inwood right above the Trattoria is helping with a statewide winter coat drive.  Simply walk in and deposit your donation in the big tub seen on the right as soon as you walk in.  Regular business hours Monday through Friday.  Take a few chocolates from the table to your left.  They are tasty.

Donations are gladly accepted now.

author said:


 Above is an old poster for the organization with which Gen Wealth works to collect winter coats.

Every year the organization collects over 30,000 coats state wide.  Estimates are that over 50,000 are needed.  Please help share in our good fortune

bigben_again said:

Cool. Thanks.

 I have made my donation for this year.  Just ordered another coat from an Asian supplier.  Great prices but delivery will miss out on this year's drive.  I am pretty sure 2020 will have a winter and Gen Wealth will continue their good works.

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