Local Organizations- Wearable Clothing Donations

I am looking for local organizations in need of clothing and shoe donations that will be given directly to people in need. Women's professional clothing, some casual wear, some more formal dress for events or possibly proms. Thanks in advance for any leads. 

If you can wait until June, Morrow Memorial Turnover Sale is a good place to donate.

The late MOL member "Just the Aunt" supported the Market Street Mission, which helps homeless men get back on their feet, and for years, people would donate at her behest and later in her memory.  Your donations would go to their Thrift Shop, which raises funds for the Mission. 

From an old MOL post -- some of it may no longer be accurate.  

The Market Street Mission maintains a 25,000 square foot industrial
center, which houses a Thrift Store and warehouse, at the end of George
Street off Martin Luther King Avenue. Among the items offered for sale
at bargain prices are new and used furniture, clothing, housewares,
appliances, sporting goods, office furnishings, and knick-knacks.

The Thrift Store accepts donations of most items except toys, magazines,
tires, batteries, and weapons. Donations are tax deductible, and all
proceeds benefit the Mission. Mission trucks, operated by men in the
work therapy program, collect donated items on a weekly schedule.

There's also this.  Know nothing about it, but it sounds good.:


Catholic Charities has a donation box at the back of the Our Lady of Sorrows parking lot (midway down the hill on 4th St, near the fence)  Clothing is one of the things they need most.  I've worked w/ them helping to provide clothing & furniture to help recent immigrants get settled.  Out of their Caldwell office.  So you can donate at the bin (convenient) & your donation will help folks right in this area

In past years, there has been a “prom shop” at Columbia - a lot of charities might not want your formalwear, but I bet that group would be happy to have it, and it meets your request to have the clothing given away rather than sold. 

The CHS HSA announced yesterday that the prom shop begins collecting in March 1, just FYI. 

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