Login issues

I heard one poster is having issues signing in on Iphone - if you're having log in issues - please drop me a message at jamie@maplewoodonline.com


I give up! MOL will not allow me to access the Rose Garden thread on my iphone 13mini — all of a sudden! 

As a Luddite treading water in all things tecky, some of Jamie’s suggestions blurred my vision, or just didn’t work (truthfully, I probably messed up). 

Rather than “fix” it, perhaps removing MOL from my iphone would solve at least the temptation to try one more time?

I truly believe passwords will bring this country to its knees, before either China or Russia could. Do drones, and similar high tech weaponry, etc. operate with passwords?

we're working on it - my developers don't work over the weekend.  I started this thread to see if I could find one or 2 others having the same problem.  It's always hard when it's happening to only one person - but if we can connect the issue we other it helps a lot.

Is it only the Rose Garden thread?  No need to bring politics in here - this is a MOL only issue.  We've had something similar to this in the past and hopefully will be an easy fix.

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