Looking for recommendations for a local basic life safety class for children + adults

I am not sure if there is a basic life safety class (CPRE + AED) that combines children + adults, but if so, I'd like to find a class near Maplewood that my family can take together.  Has anyone had a good experience with on-line vs. in-person classes? I'm not sure if on-line classes would be as effective (I found practicing with a live instructor was helpful when I took a class many years ago).

I checked out the red cross website and there were some not so great comments about in-person training and the lack of actual practice time due to Covid restrictions.  An ideal class would be a combination of on-line instruction + in-person (at a later date) practice.  Does anyone know if such a thing exists?

Does the Maplewood EMT squad or Fire Department offer training?

Many thanks.

any class should be able to take students age about 11 and up.  many places won't take younger than that at all for a formal class.

Also check with the American Heart Association.  

Maplewood Fire Department is the EMT service for Maplewood.  South Orange Rescue Squad may offer such a class.  I don't know if they take children.

There is a woman in Summit who is certified to teach first aid and CPR, and offers private instruction and certification. Could be ideal for a family who wants to learn together.  I don’t know her well, but have known her a long time, and she is very well-liked and well-respected in the community. Send me a message and I’m happy to share her contact info. 

Thanks for the suggestions.

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