Low platelets ISO extraordinary hemotologist

Looking for a stellar, outside of the box hemotologist. Chemo some time ago, unsure if related. Willing to travel to a good dr.
Any experience and recs. thanks in advance

State you are looking for good Hemotologist in the title - I looked since I know about this area, but thought might be product related.

See Dr.Pondt ..office is on Morris Ave. in Springfield ..very thorough about tests and sharing data with you .

The hemotologist doesn't have to be local, just someone extraordinary. Already been to a top person

Have you thought about contacting one of the teaching hospitals for a referral, like Mt Sinai in NYC?

Which pharma company has a product in this area? This is one of the best paths to finding an extraordinary hemotologist. Let me know.

And if there are trials in this area, anyone heading a trial is extraordinary

Dr. Louis Aledort

I've been to him.

Lisa Mills at SMG. Absolutely top notch.

icdart said:

See Dr.Pondt ..office is on Morris Ave. in Springfield ..very thorough about tests and sharing data with you .

Dr. Pondt is also my hematologist. (Anemia.) They are extraordinarily thorough.

Advanced Care Oncology &
Hematology Associates LLC
Springfield, NJ

I have no advice but just wanted to say that I hope you find someone amazing.


I can also suggest Dr. Mills from SMG. she was actually written up a few years ago in, I believe, the New Jersey Magazine as the doctor doctors would go to see.

Julian Decter at Cornell and St. B. I have a very rare condition and he has been fabulous. He has also treated my sibling for lymphoma. http://nyp.org/physician/juliandecter. I have seen Dr. Mills while hospitalized and she is very good, too. I cannot say enough good thinks about decter. He is a total mensch. In NJ on Wednesdays otherwise in NYC.

I wish good health for the person in question.

Dr. Botti in Livingston helped people I know....delved deeper to find potential problems.

Hoping you have found someone wonderful by now and that things are looking up... question

Thank you guys, so much :X

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