Lunch places between Maplewood and WO?

Any ideas for good places? Panera being proposed, I always hope for something as inexpensive, but interesting///

What kind of food?  Location?  What town is half way between West Orange and Maplewood?  South Orange?  If so, I'd recommend any of the reasonably priced places around the South Orange train station.  The burrito place, the Morroccan Place (with falafal), the diner (s), Bunnys,  Stony's Chicken and more, The Resevoir (Italian), etc.  There is so much, even a cheapo fried chicken/hotdog place.

Try Boccone's South ..nice inexpensive lunches on their Specials menu ..all for $9!

And delicious with a nice wait staff.

McLoone's Boat House?

There's Suzie Q's near the CVS in WO (right before Forest Hill Drive), but I don't know if it's open for lunch. Maybe someone else knows?

Depending on where you're both coming from Egans in West Orange or El Rancho Grande on Main St in Orange.    

Thanks everyone for the recommendations! So schockingly, my partner for lunch is very tied to Panera bread...I love small places people do not think of, and will try several of these with friends. Good to get these recos - and like inexpensive. Person that met me agreed Panera is expensive, so welcome finding the keep it under $10 places!

I doubt any of the recommendations above would come in at less than $10/person. I didn't realize you were thinking of Panera as expensive... given that, your choices are very limited.

Hot dogs at the snack bar by the Swan Boats.  Nice view at least!

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