Maplewood/South Orange Halloween Events

I heard Maplewood downtown street will close for trick-or-treating Friday, October 30th from 3-5pm.

Does anyone know if there will be the same in South Orange?

Will the kids trick-or-treating from house to house be that night or Halloween itself?

The last time Halloween was on a weekend, the South Orange festivities were on the day itself, as was trick-or-treating. I assume it will be the same this year but hopefully someone who actually knows things will respond grin

Many thanks for the help!

I'm sure kids will trick-or-treat on the actual date of Halloween. The downtown parade dates are set by the merchants organizations that sponsor them, I believe.

Since the Maplewood parade really does shut down the area, the merchants have moved the parade from Saturday to Friday before (in 2009), so I wouldn't be surprised if they do so again.

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