Maplewoodstock 2019

We are starting to ramp up for our 2019 festival (year 16!). It will be held Saturday and Sunday, July 13 and 14, 2019. More details on all our avenues to be announced in the coming weeks (February, March, and April). Stay tuned, and watch this space!

Our 2019 band application process is now open from Wed, Jan 30, to Sunday, March 10, at 11:59 PM. 

Can we please get the Gin Blossoms this year????

Loved aerial view picture. Great perspective.

als4532 said:
Can we please get the Gin Blossoms this year????

 Good idea - but a bit out of our price range - and not available for this year.

Get the Heartless Bastards

sbenois said:
Get the Heartless Bastards

 Big Train is applying. 

Crowded House....The Gin Blossoms....John Hiatt.....

The Jayhawks.....

Thank you for reminding us that Summer will come once again.

I heard a rumor Rites of Springfield might apply

I think the Committee should ask every applicant if they intend to play Oye Como Va, and immediately reject any band that says yes they intend to play it.  It would be great to get through one Maplewoodstock with no renditions of Oye Como Va.   cheese

I heard people were putting up tents this weekend.

Just a reminder that we have 3 weeks left in our band application process for Maplewoodstock 2019!  We have about 19 spots for local/regional bands (depending on if we go with 3 or 4 Headliners/Featured acts).  We want to program a variety of good music that will entertain our attendees:  rock, R&B, reggae, blues, funk, etc.

Read our FAQ at and apply at

Also, art vendor applications open March 25, 2019, via

There's a Jersey City band called Manouche Bag that plays French Gypsy style jazz and they are marvelous. Hip and fun and different and they swing like mad.  I think they'd be a big hit at Maplewoodstock. FYI, they play every Tuesday and Thursday night at Madam Claude's Bis in Jersey City. Great date night treat.

Don't know whether they are in the price range of MW but the band Low Cut Connie out of Philly is insanely high energy, high quality live with a big cult and critical following.  Prez Obama gave them a nod at some point.  Check out some of their live clips on Youtube.  

Where are the T-shirt designs this year?

Nice. Both good but I think I like the musical note better.

the lawn chair/guitar case logo is also making a return

Thanks all! Is it available for purchase online?

We're not doing online sales this year.  We'll should be in front of Bank of America/Kings the next few Saturdays - usually from 10-2.  I'll post more details - we may be on Springfield Avenue one of those weekends.

Feel free to fiddle with this version also, if you like, Jamie...


shirts are being sold by Kings today until 1pm

Hope you don't run out before I have a chance to snag one! 

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