March Meowdness: silly fun - Oskar won!

I know this is silly, but we could all use a little silliness once in a while. I follow Oskar the Blind Cat on Instagram because I have two blind cats and Oskar exemplifies what amazing things a cat with no sight can do. Anyway, he is currently neck and neck with another cat in the finals of a month-long competition to win...well, I don't know...probably nothing. But the competition has had the desired effect of bringing awareness to What a great site! These guys post the funniest things from the web about cats and through ads and donations, they donate to cancer causes each month.

Today is the last day to vote - please check out the site today and vote for Oskar!

voted! Gotta love a Grey Tabby!

Done. Looks like my Sasha.

Thanks! My Greta and Suki thank you too.


voted !! and I will promote him on my Facebook wink

I have my friends on it !! good luck to Oskar !!

keep voting ... Oskar is almost there ... a few more votes so can take the lead !! wink

yeahhhh !!! oskar is in 1st place now !! snake

Whoa! When I voted before he was over 700 votes behind.


not anymore !! Plus i post it several places on FB ... gotta say Facebook helps a lot !! of course MOL too wink

That's where I saw it - Fuzzy Hearts Rescue, I think.

Not too late to vote! Help keep Oskar in the lead!

Final score!! Thanks for voting!

Oh yay! I voted for Oskar but that Nala looks like my cat. It was a tough decision. Glad he won oh oh

I kind of feel bad for Nala, even though I voted for Oskar. Isn't that ridiculous?

Lol! I did too! Apparently both these cats have quite a following online.

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