Milo the Ninja Kitten Has officially Adopted His Humans

Milo the Ninja kitten is now 9 weeks old and ready for adoption.

Milo was found in the road when he was 3 weeks old. Poor little Milo had lacerations to his back and his left ear was missing all the hair, and it was floppy. Milo was brought to a local vet in Maplewood and nursed back to health. He is feisty and fun, and friendly and so desperate to love his humans. AND LOOK HOW ADORABLE HE IS!!!!

Now at 9 weeks old, having had his first round of kitten shots, and is worm free, Milo is accepting applications for his adoption. If interested email with the subject: MILO. You'll need to provide your name, address, phone, 3 personal references and a vet reference. If you have other pets, let Milo know. He'd love a brother or sister, but that's not necessary.

What is necessary is a loving safe home where Milo can live happily and healthy, staying indoors, and having food, water and a clean litter box forever. Milo's adoptive humans must agree to neuter him before he's 6 months old. A very small re-homing fee applies.

You do not have to have kitten or cat experience, only the patience and love it takes to raise one. Dogs, and children or other cats are acceptable to Milo.

If you rent, Milo needs your landlord to OK his adoption.

You should know what you're getting into.

Milo wants you to know that little kittens climb and scratch and use their humans as pin cushions and chew toys. He doesn't want you to be suprised by his little ninja ways. He's got loads of love and silliness to share with you!

This is Milo the Ninja when he was 3 weeks old.

"Adopt his human" - love this!

Milo is precious! I hope he adopts his forever family soon.

Me too! This little guy spends his day in a cage at the vets office. It's time now to have a home to ninja around in and steal hearts, and rule the roost.

Milo is so cute. Wish I could have him! Seems like the perfect baby to add to anyone's family.

I love that face! I hope he finds a new home soon. Our cat, Pearl, is queen of the house and I'm not sure she would take to having a companion. She barely tolerates the dogs and they were there first!


ME: Do you remember being brought to the vet when you were injured?

MILO: Yes, everyone was very nice and very caring, but it was still pretty scary. I wanted my mom.

ME: How has it been staying at the vet's office?

MILO: When I first arrived--it was the place I should be, because I was hurting. Now, I am pretty bored, and so when ever anyone passes me, I try and get their attention. They call me names like Monkey and Ninja. They're nice to me otherwise. But, I'm ready for a larger space and more attention.

ME: Is there anything I can tell your potential adopter that we don't already know?

MILO: I'm ticklish. But I like being tickled and playing and I would want to be spoiled a little bit, or maybe a lot. Whatever they can do--I'd be happy.

With this type of heart-strings adorablenss marketing, Milo should have a home in no time.

Post on your Facebook page so I can share. Does Milo have a Facebook page of his own?

Maybe he should get his own page! Good idea!

Let's start liking Milo's Facebook page:

So as of this morning Milo has 19 likes on Facebook.

Make that 20. Maybe more pictures would help? (Full disclosure.. I just want to see more pictures of that adorable little face.)

jeanneh said:

So as of this morning Milo has 19 likes on Facebook.

Count me as 23! There may be some questions that Milo needs to answer, too.

I'll have to go on Friday and get more pictures.

Unfortunately for Milo he can't stay with me because he's the perfect size snack for Simone.

Milo is really active and I can't assure his safety at my house. He's still at the vet's office.

I was hoping there would be some interest in adoption before July 4th so he wouldn't be alone.

Stop trying to break my heart. It was just broken by the awful ending for me and my foster babies. I WANT MILO! I would foster him if I were around. But it's summer and I'm not home enough!

You are killing me.

Also, for those of you who "liked" Milo's page, is anyone else having trouble "sharing." I don't see it as an option anywhere. Maybe it's the iPad? I really would like to share him on FB!

Whoops - see if you can correct the line under community - should not be 3 MONTHS.

(was hoping to get Mr. Z to check him out!)

I had to type the whole thing in again--it didn't allow for edits. FB is funny sometimes. THANKS FOR THE COPYEDITING--I NEED THAT

Oh, what a cutie. Any progress?

So Mr. Z checked him out, but there's no way we could even foster at this point. :-(

Bummer for Milo....

If you know someone who is able to foster him, Milo would love that!

So thus far, not a single person has expressed interest in adopting little Milo. Is it because it's just before a holiday? Is it because he has scars? Am I not promoting his cuteness to fullest extent?

....I need more pictures!!...

I would very happily take Milo in while he finds his furrever home but don't know how to adjust a cat to a new kitten. I'm rather new to having a cat and am still trying to figure things out.

This said, I am home all summer. If there is a way to acclimate our cat to having a newbie around in a healthy way, I am all for it. I hate that this beautiful kitten is stuck in a cage.

If you have a small spare room, wallflower, introducing a kitten to a resident cat can be accomplished,if you have the time and the patience.---and follow the instructions to a "T". If you consider taking Milo, I will coach you on how to introduce them.

Wallflower, it could help that your Pearl is female and Milo is male... that usually makes it somewhat easier for cats to accept a newcomer in their homes. They feel less directly competitive.

If I get out of work early today I'll make a visit to Milo and get some additional photos.

Milo is doing fine, and the staff at the vet's office is very nice, and caring.

If I have any interest from anyone today, I will take Milo in temporarily so that the potential adopters can meet him over the holiday weekend. He can't stay with me because...well, he's the perfect snack size.

If he stays here over the weekend, he will live a life of danger and intrigue in our office, as most ninjas are well adapted to do.

Simone will have to deal with a kitty on the other side of the glass door.

Write to with your info, phone, and 3 personal references, as well as a vet reference if you have one and you'll be considered for adoption by Milo.

Milo is still available!

I'll try to get pictures.

Had no car this weekend to get over to the vet's to take new pictures.

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