Knowledgeable folks of MOL - the attached photo of a suit jacket most certainly indicates the presence of moths in my closet, yes?  Assuming so, any tips / tricks for eliminating and preventing return?  The google seems mixed about remedies and prevention. 


There are multiple lines of defense. In my old home experience, you need to really be diligent.

The closet itself, walls, trim, shelving, etc needs to be dusted. I used to wipe everything down with a combo of hot water, some dish soap and some essential oils, like peppermint and lavender that naturally repel moths. 

Clothes need to be clean. Supposedly it’s not just the fibers moths are attracted to, its oils/fragrance, etc left on garments after being worn. I don’t think you need to dry clean after every wear but steaming or freshening the clothes supposedly helps. 

use breathable garment bags. Not plastic. I’ll use plastic bins for smaller items but for good clothing storage plastic is not good. It yellows whites and fabric needs to breathe. Supposedly cotton. I remember reading a Martha Stewart article about it. 

I think the larvae comes from inside the walls of an old home. So if it is really bad seal off any cracks inside the closet and give a fresh coat of paint. 

I would also like to know the answer. I've heard hanging lavender sachets but I'm not sure where to purchase them.

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