Mt. Pleasant Ave Closed btwn Gregory Ave & Prospect 4/8 - 4/4/12 8AM - 7pm

YES! they are finally repaving that horribly bumpy, pot holed , utility cut up section on the steep curvy hill. However they're doing it during the day. Be aware and use Northfield.

@mzterry.. 4/4 or 4/14? Your date/time is confusing.


How about the year? 4/4/12???

I would assume it is today through this coming Tuesday.

Road Closure Alert: Mt. Pleasant Avenue between Prospect & Gregory

From 4/8 until approximately 4/14, Mt. Pleasant Avenue between Prospect Avenue and Gregory Avenue will be closed between 7 am and 5 pm. for milling and paving. Please plan alternate routes and allow extra travel time.

got caught this morning...had to make a u turn and go back to Northfield..made me late but at least I now know the situation.

Thanks bluepool. Would have made sense for me to look it up... Sometimes, I lack that.

You're welcome. So glad this is finally getting done. The road was bad after last winter, and they didn't fix it, and of course it got exponentially worse after this winter... if I hadn't gotten a new car, I would have had to find another route to get up to the Essex Green ShopRite.

Sorry Evryone I'm a lousy proof reader and typist. If someone would correct the title to read 4/8 - 4/14 7AM-5PM. And yes it is a pain to circumvent and I was typing fast. Mea Culpa.

@mzterry , The only one who can edit it is the OP (you). Click on your first post and you will see the word "edit" next to your name. Click on that and then edit the title and then save it. TIA

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