My grandmother’s famous chocolate cake

In my grandmother’s defense she never pretend to have come up with this on her own.  In fact, the recipe card had “Kraft chocolate cake” written on the top.  Over the years I’ve googled it but never found the source... until today.  After reading an article about secret family recipes that actually came off of product packages or out of cookbooks I once again looked.  At first I found the same assortment of modern Kraft chocolate cake recipes, none of which were even close.  Then I found this.  My grandmother doubled the recipe,  but the ingredients, the steps, everything is the same.

I have shared her chocolate cake recipe before, but now I can present the original source.  Though I highly recommend doubling it like she did  cheese 

One final note, she, and I, always made this cake with Hershey’s cocoa.   the recipe does not specify which type to use.  I do not know how it would turn out with dutched cocoa since the chemical reaction between the cocoa and the baking soda would be different.  Proceed at your own risk.

what kind of oil do you use? any vegetable oil?

drummerboy said:

what kind of oil do you use? any vegetable oil?

 Any kind without a taste, so obviously not olive oil since you might taste it in the cake.  Trader Joe’s does make an olive oil cake, but it’s just not for me.  I just use regular vegetable oil, I don’t know what brand.

Thanks.  I saved it to Pinterest and will be trying it out tomorrow.

For stuff like that I use the generic vegetable oil from the store. I think it's mostly canola.

I bet "Kraft Oil" was corn oil.

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