My inner monologue says

How did a thread about basement flooding get pulled?!

Do you mean this one?

That's the one! It was not showing in my participated discussions list.

Ha. Virtual Cafe was unchecked.

We would sink it before we pulled the plug on it.

Posted By: daveWe would sink it before we pulled the plug on it.
Dave, you are all wet!

I don't even understand what sinking (a thread) means...

Depends on the thread, some (say, made of natural fiber) have enough fibers so the surface tension of the fibers will keep the thread floating. Others, like polyester will sink because the surface tension of the water cannot not support the thread. This is how certain flying insects seem to be able to "walk" on water. I hope that helps.

When Dave or Jaimie [SINK] a thread, people can still post on it, but it doesn't rise to the top, it keeps sinking down. that way people forget about it and new people don't join in. When a thread is CLOSED, no one can post again on it, but you can still read it.

Curses. We loaded up at Broad St. and VIP Blondie in car 6209 is still undisturbed.

Signs of Spring? Drunken lasses wearing green perhaps?

Because it is relatively painless and you get to feel very good about yourself?

Have you driven on 22 lately? We are far from civilized.

And updating GPS to point to St. Barnabas instead ...

A (really skanky) strip club, guns & ammo shop, or a bait & tackle shop.

Not that I would patronize the first two, but it would be kinda cool to brag that my town has these, therefore raising my status amongst some of my acquaintances.

Oh well. Looks like I have a project for the Holidays - Greasemonkey.

Wow. The Wiggles' legal team must work weekends.

What to watch tonight: Night Watch, Hangover II, or Matrix II?

"Holla city of squalla" calls but I think I rather be pretentious and watch Russian Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Good night.

So I was at Eden Gourmet this afternoon and I a saw a guy with a Last Star fighter t-shirt and I almost said "cool t-shirt" but I thought my wife would be embarrassed so I kept quiet.

So, How about those Mets?

Exactly. Seriously,if Kodan Armada rings a bell you need counseling. I have the DVD by the way.

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