Need a New Laptop

As the title suggests, I am seeking a new laptop.

As anyone who has recently shopped for such an item realizes, large HDDs and etherhnet ports are almost a thing of the past. While I can deal with the smaller SSDs, the ethernet port is a must.

Has anybody used the doggle that lets you use your ethernet cable through a USB port? Is the connection as fast as a direct cable to ethernet port? If not, how much slower?

What are peoples' experience with ASUS laptops? I have my eye on one whch would require the doggle, but the price makes it appealing. (I've been using HPs for several years, but the price and larger drive make the ASUS appealing).

Thanks for any guidance you can offer.


I bought a Lenovo  gaming laptop last month not because I'm a gamer but because it is powerful and has an Ethernet port, as well as many other ports 

I use a small dock that has an ethernet port as well as a couple of other ports. I haven't noticed any slowdown as a result. The performance seems comparable to an older desktop computer we have with an ethernet port, but I haven't tried to measure it. I think you will be VERY limited in choices of laptop if you must have one with a built-in ethernet port.

I recently got an ASUS ZenBook. It's a flip-book with a touchscreen and a pen. (I haven't used those much.) It's great. Works well on Win10 Pro and is much lighter weight than my previous Dell. It has one USB-3.0 port, two USB-C ports (the power supply uses one of those), and an HDMI port I use for an external 4K monitor. It came with both a USB-3.0 to Ethernet adapter and a USB-C to 1/8" headphone adapter.

I just did a speed test with the Ethernet adapter hardwired to my FIOS Gigabit router. It averaged 912Mb/s download and 695Mb/s upload, which I think is about all the router will do.

sac & RT,

Thanks to you both for the info on the ethernet to USB connection, and to RT for info on their ASUS laptop.


I started an identical thread a few months ago and got some great advice. I eneed up buying a Lenovo that somebody (Jamie?) recommended. I'm sure you can go back and find the thread and the specifics. I'm very happy with the laptop although now I use my work laptop more. 

Bought this hub from Amazon for about $20 to connect ethernet and USB to my MacBook. This one connects to the laptop with USB-C but you can also get a USB connection. I didn't find any reduction in speed using it. 

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