Need advice on Husky mix with cats


I have no Siberian husky experience.  I'm used to pitbulls and rottweilers, the ones we had will treat cats like their siblings if they're raised together.

We currently have a cat.  We're looking to adopt a dog, and have been informed that she is a Siberian husky mix.  The woman from the rescue cautioned that full Siberian huskies can be raised with cats, and then as an adult can still give into their very strong prey drive and kill a family pet that they were raised with, which apparently accounts for a large number of surrendered adult huskies.  The dog we are considering is NOT a full husky.  They're not sure who the dad was, possibilities are a pitbull or a lab.  The woman said that a mix has a better chance of peacefully coexisting with a cat, but she wanted to let me know that the potential was still there.

Does anyone have experience with this?  The cat in question can be skittish.  She's a sweet dog, and seemed very calm when we interacted with her even though she is still a puppy (about 20-something weeks) but her demeanor around other people and dogs doesn't mean she'll be calm around cats.


Not expertise here but just dog park experience.  Huskies like to mix it up.  They can be rough.  Not necessarily viciousness but domination oriented. 


I think the advice is pretty standard. I love Malamutes and Huskies and was told by rescues that it was very risky.

Morganna said:
I think the advice is pretty standard. I love Malamutes and Huskies and was told by rescues that it was very risky.

 So we should not risk it even with a half breed?  


I’d rely on experts but anecdotally, we had a Husky mix. She loved the cat and they even invented their own games. She also loved the guinea pigs. On the other hand, she hated strange men.

Elle Cee

In the neighborhood where I used to live, there was a devastating incident in which two loose Huskies broke into someone's porch and killed the family's cats.  I had no idea that the prey drive of this breed is so high.  That being said, purebred Huskies, as well as mixes, have lived successfully with cats.  However, it may not be an acceptable risk.  Here's an interesting discussion about the issue:


I knew someone with huskies and they were crazed when they saw cats. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t chance it. Too much of a risk in my opinion.


with all the dogs in the world needing adoption, why would this one even still be a consideration with the advice you’ve been given? Let a cat-free family take this one, you’ll get the next one.


I once had a S. Husky.  He belonged to my ex-wife while we were living together before we were married.  He was the best and most well behaved dog ever.  He really wanted to play with my cat, but not in a threatening way, just kind of like "let's have some fun".  But my cat was having none of it, and went on the defensive.  It all worked itself out because the dog was very old and died before we were married.  But I think S. Huskys are sweet and harmless based on my experience.  YMMV.


We've decided to not adopt this particular dog.  I've never had a dog that was a danger to cats after being integrated into the family.  When I was younger we once adopted a collie mix that did try to kill the cat the first day we brought her home from the pound (she had been living on the street so she probably saw the cat as a food source) but as soon as my mom made it clear that the cats were off limits, Lady never went after them again.  My sister adopted a pit mix that had also been living on the streets, and also tried to go after her cats.  Again, rules were quickly established and that dog would lunge after cats out on the street when walking on leash, but understood that the cats in the house were off limits. 

What spooked me about this dog is the description of huskies and mixes being raised with a cat, and then suddenly giving into their prey drive as an adult and killing a cat that they had previously lived with peacefully.

I had heard of huskies and cats having issues, but I had always assumed that it was dogs going after neighbor's cats, or a new cat introduced to the home.  I didn't realize they could turn on cats they had been raised with.

This dog might be able to get along great with our cat, but she might not, and I don't feel comfortable taking that risk. A dust up is one thing, but risking the dog killing the cat months, or even years, down the road is just scary to think about. 

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