Need to move some furniture -- ideas/referrals?

I need to move some furniture, and I'm looking for ideas and/or referrals.

It's not really a houseful, but it's a lot of furniture. More-or-less it's a couple of headboards, a dozen or so bookcases, a couple of dressers, a TV cabinet/stand, a couple of desks, and a few carts. Plus some steel shelving, and a few other pieces.

It's a local move, with maybe an hour drive between endpoints (Somerset & Morris). Coming from a 2-story townhouse, and going into a 2-story house.

Is this something I should hire a regular mover for, or is there an easier and less expensive way to go? I'd also be interested in any recommendations, either for movers or for somebody else who could do this well.

If I'm hiring a mover, am I more likely to be able to get somebody in this timeframe, and for a small job, on a weekday or a weekend? I can take a day from work if I need to.

You could rent a U-haul truck. My daughter moved over the weekend and that's what she did.

Thanks - that's not an option here. I'm not big and strong enough to lift this on my own.

Although if there were somebody good I could hire to do the lifting, that might work. But I'd prefer somebody who came with insurance, if possible.

I know there are people that post available to handle this on craigslist; also, there is a service called Ushiip where you can describe what you want and distance to move it, and truckers give a bid you can accept or decline. I had a bigger move of 2 pieces, and went flawlessly. Kathe of top to bottom organization may be able to suggest 2 guys can get for $25 an hour to do this as well -PM me if interested in last option, will reach out and ask her.

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