New Digital Science Tool - High School Science Study Opportunity

Hi! I’m a researcher at the Center for Children & Technology (a branch of the Education Development Center, Inc).

We are looking for Maplewood/CHS students to participate in a study of a new digital curriculum for science learning. With support from the National Science Foundation, this new tool is focused on helping high school students use data to explore problems in biology and earth science.

We are looking for twelve 9th or 10th grade students, who have taken or are currently taking a biology/living environment class, and who are interested in providing their opinions about this new digital tool.

Students who volunteer for the study will participate in a 45-minute user interview after school. They'll try out the digital science tool on computers that we provide, and offer their feedback and suggestions. Students will receive compensation for their time in the form of a $20 cash card.

If any of you in this group have kids or students that you think might want to participate, please let me know. I am happy to talk to you more about it and send more details!

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