New to South Orange - Pre-K recommendations?

I have a 3.5 year old and looking for a pre-K program he can start in September. Any recommendations for those that know the area? I've looked at a few, some don't have openings and others aren't the right timing (looking for full-time if possible as both my husband and I work full time).

Prospect Coop Nursery School in Maplewood.

If you need full-time then check out South Mountain YMCA.

We were very happy with Village Babies for our daughter. 

Also our friend Nicole specializes in making connections between parents and children care options:

Since general enrollments for fall were done a few months ago at many of the local preschools, you should consider getting on some waiting lists.  Openings often come up before school starts.

Our kids went to Prospect (Maplewood) and we loved it, but it isn't full day. Others in South Orange and Maplewood are Morrow, Temple Sharey Tefilo Israel (I don't remember the school name) and perhaps the other Synagogues (?), the Baird in SO.  Nearby and often recommended are Open Door (Millburn - Wyoming Presbyterian), St Stephens in Millburn (may have a longer day?), Playhouse (West Orange) and I'm sure I'm missing some.

I believe South Orange Country Day School is full day. My kids went to Prospect, which we loved. 

Yes, South Orange Country Day School offers full day (and half day).  My kids were very happy there and preferred it to the Y (which I know some people really love).  Good luck!

Montessori options also include Children's Academy and Alpine Montessori.  Half and full day options available.

Children's Learning Tree (CLT) is a Pre-K/daycare, just around the corner from the S.O. Train station.

It is a small local Pre-K (it starts at 2.5 years old), and has full-day with aftercare/beforecare options. They did not have a Fall waiting list when we were there, but I'm not sure if they've become more well known since then. 

My daughter graduated from there 4 years ago, and still remembers it fondly. A friend I recommended check out CLT last year told me that the person who answered the phone at CLT seemed much nicer than some other places they called, and they continued to sense the positive environment during their tour. They enrolled their child, and have been very happy there.

I highly recommend Playhouse in West Orange. It's a bit of a schlep, but families from this area carpool.

The wife and I loved South Orange Country Day School, my oldest daughter went through there and I currently have a younger one there. They both would say that they loved their time there. Ms Anne Marie and all the teachers there are great.

Le Parc Place in Maplewood is full day and walking distance to the train.

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