Obnoxious Drivers: This Time it's Science

Every MAPSOdian knows we have an obnoxious driver problem in these parts. If you don't know, you're definitely part of the problem. Now we have science revealing issues - namely, drivers of luxury cars. They even offer a specific shout-out to BMW drivers. btw ... Did you know "BMW" is German for "I'm a pretentious d-bag"??? 


You're welcome.

What that scientific study did not include, is an evaluation of the BMW drivers IQ.  However, I have a first hand example, which is rather telling:

At Home Depot, I saw a BMW driver (one of the largest sedans) show up to collect a custom order, consisting of matching toilet & bath tub.  Despite both items getting unpacked, and the best efforts of two HD employees, they were unable to fit either item into that vehicle.

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