Old School R&B

I grew up with a transistor radio fixed to my ear at night, but that didnt let me experience the range of music that was available. It sort of gave me a top 40 feel and most music fell short. Rock was king in my world until unexpectedly in the late 60's, early 70's I was exposed to the sound of R&B that felt good.

I've been having fun contributing on those "best of" threads, but I wanted to share some of the music that is a part of my experiences.

Its easy to pick out popular R&B groups and artists from the current era or from the era I am talking about. Everyone knows the Temptations and the Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross. I'm not really going to focus on those mainstream artists too much. I'm not talking about todays stars like Ne-yo, Chris Brown or John Legend. These guys all owe their fame to groups like Blue Magic, the Stylistics, and too many others to list.

Here are some of my lost favorites -

The Intruders -

Detroit Emeralds - Feel The Need

and the Manhattans

this is one I mentioned a little while ago....give me that sweet love, sugar

here is a Persuaders classic

aiight hoops...post up Atlantic starr (with original lead Sharon Bryant)..."When Love Calls", "Silver Shadow", "Circles"...HEY! or Ray Goodman & Brown, and The Floaters...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Love is the Message -


This one was a tremendous song back in the day. I think they crossed over to the pop charts.

trinity - love Ray Goodman and Brown too.

thanks Hank that was great - most people only remember Missy Elliots version.

Soul Generation - ahh those were the days...

I had a big crush on her back then...probably still do...

love Gladys.

The movie the Commitments brought some great R&B to the big screen. This one is a good version of Dark End of the Street

the concept of the Commitments was they were waiting to meet Wilson Pickett -

damn, Hoops! I was just downloading some James Carr (Dark End Of The Street)...he had some great hits, then suffered from bipolar disorder..I got to see him perform for the first time in years in the late 1990s at Tramps, shortly befored he died of cancer...

and this one...


a little Aretha.

they just dont make music like this anymore. I never heard that pouring water song before. Seems like he was an early victim of water boarding... lol..

Hiphop samples these tunes all the time and they become hits again to a youthful public that thinks its all brand new.

Blue Magic

here's my Aretha contribution....

and...with Duane Allman on slide...

its funky..and soul...

taking it down a few notches...I had a killer 45 collection as a kid, by the way...

I can tell hank. I thought I was the only one.

Equals - Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys

love Gil Scott Heron. I often post him here because he is so politically on point - here you go trinity -

I love this James Brown -
Pass the Peas

for Hoops...on various levels...

Thanks hoops! Now you got me started..I'm going instrumental now! :cool: This was part of my brother's HS lay up line music back in day. LOL

more instrumental...

and not...

Jerry Butler had some of the most memorable duets -

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