One police officer, two suspects and three civilians in a kosher market killed in Jersey City

almost hard to believe given the amount of shooting but they're making it sound like it was a drug deal gone bad and not terrorism

It's now a total of six killed - one police officer, two suspects and three civilians in a kosher market. 

Tentatively, sounds like there was a plainclothes operation gone bad at a nearby cemetery.  The two gunmen than ran and holed up in the store.  Have to wonder if any of the people in the store were shot by police fire but who knows.  

Close to NJ City University.

Having my doubts about the drug deal angle.  Man and woman shooter dressed in black arrive in a UHaul truck.  

"Officials believe the shooting began when the detective approached one of the gunmen at a nearby cemetery in connection with a homicide investigation and was shot dead, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

The gunmen then fled in a truck and eventually ended up at the kosher supermarket, where they opened fire on police officers and civilians, officials said. Investigators believe that the store was chosen randomly and that the incident was not a hate crime."

But by late Tuesday, the city’s mayor, Steven Fulop, said on Twitter that officials now believed that the gunmen had “targeted the location they attacked.” He did not provide further explanation or provide any indication that the attack was related to anti-Semitism.

From NY Times article linked above.

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