PARCC Opt Out Rates in Round 2 -- Ouch!!

One should read this article from the Village Green -- CHS opt out rates reach 40%: 29% for 9th graders, 45% for 10th graders and 49% for 11th graders.

I am a fan of the PARCC, especially with the changes made already, but I can see why current high schoolers are opting out. They haven't been through the common core stuff like the younger kids.

As an aside, I keep seeing threads looking for tutors for the SAT, which really proves that that test is a failure. If you can get test specific tutoring, as I did when I was a kid, and it improves your score it isn't really a fair test. People who can't afford extra help will do worse. Hopefully the PARCC will give a more accurate assessment.

Public education - where customer input is unwelcome.

Any other business, the management might consider discontinuing a program that upsets so many customers.

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