UPDATE: Pediatric Dentist recommendation, good results with Dentistry for Children, thank you!

Our eldest has issues that mean Dr. Fried can no longer see him (our son freaks even with gas).  We were given the names of two pediatric dentists that could deal with him, one is Dr. Howard Kotkin, the other is a dental practice, Dentistry for Children of West Essex.  Looking at our plan, Dentistry for Children is in-network, while Dr. Kotkin is not. Unless we find a very compelling reason, we'll probably go with Dentistry for Children.

Has anyone taken their child to Dentistry for Children of West Essex?  Any dentists in the practice to ask for, or any to avoid?

Dr. Fried recommended Howard Kotkin to us and we were very happy. My son had an extreme case of dental work needed and he was so kind and patient. 

His office did assist with submitting forms for some reimbursement. 

Highly recommend him. 

I had good luck with P&C pediatric dentistry in Clifton. 1011 Clifton Ave.  My 3 year old needed two cavities filled, she had a lack of mineral issue she's born with that sped up decay. I'd promised her that we'd go to chucky cheese if she was brave for the dentist. She didn't flinch. Gas and all. He is really kind and compassionate. (I'll tell you chucky cheese for me was worse than a root canal, but a promise is a debt). 

Thumbs up for Dr. Howie, he's the best.

We have been very happy with Dentistry for Children and have had some fairly major work done by them.  Everyone we have seen there especially Dr. Eytel has been excellent.

My son had work done today at Dentistry for Children, and they were great.  Dr. Fried was good with him, and was patient enough to try multiple times to help our son through his anxiety, but our son would still freak out (the smell of the gas, the taste of the numbing stuff, etc) so Dr. Fried was worried he might need to be put under to have the work done.  Dr. Eytel was able to calmly get our son through his procedure without any freak outs, no sedation needed.  We still have a few more visits to go, but hopefully they all go as smoothly as today.

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