Picking the right White paint

Right now our dining room is a darker color - we're thinking of choosing a white - just tricky figuring out which one.  Any advice on picking the right white?

Here's a few samples - some are grayer - some yellowish.  

Bit of Sugar

they all look the same on my computer...screen colors vary by device, really hard to say

If the molding is going to be white you need two shades of white. Maybe the living room molding would be the same. It’s so much better when you see it on someone’s wall instead of a chart.

Are you only looking to use Sherwin Williams paint? 

i used Benjamin Moore white dove, and a pure white for the trim. Very good combination and it still holds up to this day, after 15 years. I prefer Benjamin Moore paints, just so much more durable. Of course it's a matter of taste. Choosing whites can be very difficult. 

The images I used were from the Behr site.  I will check out Benjamin Moore also.  I like their room visualization tool.


When we were choosing whites (about 100 years ago), we had a sample folder that suggested one set of whites to go with cool colors, and different ones to go with warm colors.  Worked well.  If you have a predominant color/s that you're keeping in the furniture/floor/lighting.


When you pick one for the walls (flat), select one shade darker & glossy for the wood work.

Just used S-W arctic white - no gray, pink or beige peeking through. Depending on how light hits the color, a true white holds up. Eggshell finish. Flat is, too flat and difficult to clean.


I just painted my living room with a off-white Benjamin Moore paint.  We put a few off-white samples up on the wall, with one being too white and the other was too yellowish.  We went with an off-white called Calm (more of a greyish white) and painted all the trim/fire place mantle a brilliant white semi-gloss.  Even in the light of day, it looks more like a very light shade of grey than off-white.  The brilliant white paired with the Calm really causes all the trim work and fire place mantle to pop.




You need to try samples on the wall in your house to see how the natural and artificial light will look. Our house is more contemporary but I did walls, trim and ceiling Benjamin Moore China White. Flat, satin and ceiling. Semi gloss is too shiny IMO. I don’t like really cold bright whites, especially in an older home. 

Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17.  My whole place is painted in it and I love it.  It has a slight creaminess to it but it's still white.


looks like your suggestions are pretty close grin

ok, here's back wall - calm - side wall and trim are white dove - ceiling china white

In another group, someone was talking about Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65.

Agree it's best to put swatches on the walls to see how your actual lighting affects color.

When you narrow it down, buy several of the sample sizes and paint them in your wall to really see what they look like in the various lights over several days 

white dove, I've used for 20 plus years, creamy and white and toward gray as opposed to yellow or other. and yes, a sharper white like china or designers white for the trim in semi...oooh

Ended up with ........... white dove.  Here’s a little before and after.

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