Porch/Stoop replacement, water line, textured paint skim coating

Hi, we're looking at buying a place in Maplewood (currently renting here and love it) but there's quite a bit of repair that needs doing to our current best option.

Trying to get ballpark costs and references for good contractors/specialists for the following if anybody has had them done recently.

Replacing 90 year old galvanized water line to street which is starting to pit.

Replacing current masonry front stoop and pillar supported roof (will need complete rebuild as current ones are structurally unsound). Would ideally want enclosed vestibule.

Fireplace repointing

Skim-coating or otherwise flattening textured walls and repainting.

Any experience or suggestions greatly appreciated!

Bumping as I'd also be interested in any recommendations - particularly for a skim coat & repaint job.

Has anyone worked with Dow Painting from New Providence?

I think the coat/paint is just going to depend on your square feet and, to some degree, the amount of "coat" needed. The pros really use a lot of plaster, in my exp, to give that smooth look. I had that done on the largest room here and it cost about 850 BUT that included replacing part of the ceiling and some serious crack repair.

I am also having a front stoop thing done and it's likely to cost 7500. I am going whole hog, figuring this will never happen again. The old one will be demo'd and removed, then a new one (bigger) put in, with new pillars, and a little enclosure and light. It will be not quite a mud room, but maybe a mud vestibule oh oh

Thanks for the feedback, that's really helpful. Who did you get to do the skimming/painting? Would you recommend them?

Tico's Carpentry. They did a child's room for something like $350. It was smaller and bumpy, rather than truly broken. I have had them do almost the whole house, one room at a time. It's almost cheaper since they do it FAST and I don't own really good equipment (would have to buy, in other words). It would be hard for me to close off a room for the many weekends a project would take, while they do it in a day or two.

If your water main is 90 years old, it may well be lead, not galvanized. Mine was and it was original in late 20's.

Bringing this thread back. Hamandeggs - who did you use for the stoop/vestibule work?

You'll find a ton of good information if you search MOL for each of the trades separately. Masonry, plumber, etc. However, I don't think the search function is fully working, so you might have to try multiple search terms (mason, masonry, stoop, etc.).

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