Post an NPR link to a Tiny Desk concert you love....


... and maybe a sentence or two about why you like it. (Use the NPR link, not the YouTube link if you can.) 

My first pick: Ladama:

This set took me totally by surprise and it tore me up. I love Latin music of all kinds and this group of women are from Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and New York. What soul, what great grooves, what a liberation spirit. Irresistible. I love it. (At 18 mins. it's a bit longer than other concerts.)


Here's one more amazing TD concert.

Jacob Collier. A millennial genius of sound and soul. And voice. And technology.

If you like him, check this out. It's a gas. All voices are his. Dozens of overdubs. Maybe hundreds. And then this cover of Moon River. Amazing. So many voices.

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