Power bank ???


I'm just starting to gather info re: power banks.  My camera and flash (as wello as other devices) use different types of batteries  I'll base my questions based on a 10,000 mAh PB.

A) Cam uses li-ion battery rated at 1200 mAh  Does this mean that the PB is like having 8 spare batteries in my pocket?

B) Flash AA alkalines or NiMH.   Can a PB charge both Li-ion & NiMH?   separately?  at the same time(with Y cable)?

As always please keep answers simple  AND

These are good questions.

A) In theory, yes, it's like 8 spares, but the industry tolerates inflated ratings, so in practice, it's like fewer than 8.

B) I don't know about power banks made to charge AA cells, but they might exist. All I have seen have USB outputs. Don't use a Y cable.

@Tom_Reingold,  thanks Tom.  After thinking about it I decided this route isn’t really for me.  I can’t imagine when I would need to have that much backup power in a pocket.  I think I’ll always be near enough to an outlet run th3e things I have right now just as I’ve had them for years...without a power bank.

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