Recommendation for Estate / End of life issues

Hello:  I need to retain guidance for a family member's estate / end of life issues (New Jersey).  I checked history here and see quite a few threads but no recommendations in the last 5 - 6 years.  Feel free to message directly if don't you want to post here. 

Thank you. 

Legal: Call your county Bar Association and ask for referrals for elder law attorneys. They should give you three names. Consultation will be free or low cost.

Gather as much information about the estate as you can... property owned, insurance beneficiaries, debts and so forth. Then choose an attorney.

The attorney can also assist with living will estate will and funeral arrangements.

"end of life issues" can encompass an awful (emphasis on awful) lot of territory...between the deaths of my sister and mother in the past 18 months and my 88 yr father being for the most part incapacitated, I've become more knowledgeable than I ever thought I would...feel free to DM with more specifics if you think I can be helpful.

Sorry to hear this, upthecreek. I don't have any recommendations for lawyers in NJ but I can sympathize.

Formerlyjerseyjack had some good advice.

One more thing, if family member or spouse were combat veterans, Immediately, call the V.A. office.

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