reputable chimney guy?

I am not sure they even exist, but does anyone have a recommendation for a trustworthy chimney repair person? We need to have a cap replaced and need to have an honest assessment of our whole system. Alternatively, is there anyone we should steer clear of?

Yup, chimney repair is probably the most corrupt and fly-by-night operation ridden service out there. After months of searching and numerous visits for estimates and information we settled on 1 Hour Chimney in Palisades Park.

Tony was the most professional person we encountered during our search and the one we ultimately felt most comfortable with. Although he didn't actually come out to do the work the workers he sent we feel did a good job. Tony was flexible on pricing, patient with all of our questions, and not pushy at all, encouraging us to shop around.

Good luck

Lots of threads on this, with (I think) the top rec. being for Top Hat and Tails, who we used very happily.

I should have checked first. Bob from Top Hat was at my house this morning. Good to know he is legit, because I liked him.

If you are in Maplewood (or southwest), we have had good experience with Dave, The Village Sweep. But he does not go to SO.

Need boiler chimney inspected, cleaned and repaired if needed. Have recommendation from plumber who serviced the boiler for Chimney Guy. Anyone have experience with this company? Pros? Cons?

The village sweep - very good, and very knowledgeable.

Certified Chimney in Denville.

I had an estimate done from Elite Chimney and one from The Village Sweep. They both came to the same conclusion but the Village Sweep was about one thousand dollars. cheaper. On the other hand Elite chimney has gotten excellent reviews about their quality of work. I think the Village Sweep is also under new ownership? The man was very nice, though...I am still deciding who to go with and whether or not to get another estimate.

Village Sweep is under new ownership, David and Tess retired. But the current owner worked for David for years, and he is continuing the tradition.

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