Rides to Polls on Election Day 2016

Just received this email. Assume it applies to Maplewood residents.

Driving Seniors to the polls
Maplewood Senior Share has about 7 volunteers that are willing to drive seniors to the polls on Tuesday. If you know of a senior that needs a ride or if you would like to volunteer to be a driver please contact Irene Dunsavage at 1-973-761-6377 or irenecdun@gmail.com before Monday 11/7 at 5:00 PM and we will coordinate seniors and drivers.
If you have a local email list please share this information.
Thank you!

Does this include people with disabilities? I use an absentee ballot even though I can drive just in case I am too ill to get out that day. The only issue is that you need to mail that in ahead of time...I always mail it at least a week ahead so that it gets there on time..But others with disabilities may prefer to vote at the poll.

I can't speak for Irene. She and Kurt have organized this through Senior Share, thus the mention of seniors as the target population being served. My best guess would be that preference would be given to disabled and non-driving seniors; and that other disabled voters could be accommodated if space is available. If you are interested, I would contact Irene and ask. Problem in your case, is that arrangements would have to be made in advance with a set pick-up time established.

Both political parties are likely providing rides to the polls as well. Since their aim is to get a high voter turnout, I am sure they could accommodate persons in need of a ride, Contacting one of the district leaders for your election district might be another way to go.

@jmitw please send irene irenecdun@gmail.com or myself, khkiley@hotmail.com an email listing any accessibility needs (i.e. vehicle, assistance) and we will see if we will be able to assist you.

Thank you @Joan_crystal.


As I said, it doesn't pertain to me, but others with disabilities who can't drive and don't want to use an absentee ballot. Obviously if someone needs a wheelchair accessible vehicle, these programs can't be expected to accommodate that unless a volunteer has access to an accessible van and the person would have to arrange paratransit.

I've known young adult through middle age people that are fully ambulatory, but can't drive due to things like epilepsy, autism, blindness, etc

I've already mailed in my absentee...my biggest issue is that sometimes I can't stay upright and if that happens on election day, I miss out...I've been better since April...but I've had a few days where I just couldn't push through...during bad periods I only get out of the house once every 3-5 days. From about January-March I was only getting out every other day. I do have a 12 year old car with 120k miles on that is hanging in there...just passed inspection on the 1st shot!

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