Samsung S4 keeps on trying to connect to Wi-Fi on it's own

Recently my S4 (AT&T) has decided to take over the WiFi function. Whereas as before WiFi wouldn't work unless I specifically turned it on, now it turns on willy-nilly, frequently prompting me to try and log in to an Xfinity (I'm a Comcast customer)and more rectnly Optimum hotspots. The login attempts always fail.

Anyone have a clue as to what's going on? I assume there's some app controlling all of this, but I can't figure out what it is.

(And maybe someone can also tell me why, after I make a play in Words With Friends, my audiobook player comes on.)

If you click Settings, then Wifi,there should be an option to turnoff the auto-scan.  If you don't see it, click on the bottom right which brings up an "Advanced" options menu.   

Oops, sorry meant to say click on the bottom LEFT near the home button, which will bring up more selections.

duh. i could've sworn that option had been turned off.


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