Scrabble anyone? Wingspan anyone?

There were a couple of public conversations about community scrabble night. Also community Wingspan play. I and a local friend have organized a couple of nights and St Andrew & Holy Communion has agreed to host. This is a free community event. Please bring your own boards and games. BYOB beverages and snacks. RSVP DM or just show up.

Sounds like a good way to meet people. Scrabble is a great game that has been around forever.

Is this still a thing? I really like Wingspan and would love to meet others who do too. Question, can you confirm if there is a religious component to the event?  Thank you!

Thursday night game night had 2 scrabble tables, one wingspan table, and another group playing a brand new game. 

The next date is Feb 16th and March 6th. same thing as before, BYOB wine beer, etc. some people are bringing snacks to pass. Still no charge.

I think I know what you mean by religious component. There is no "religious component" to the evening. No tracts will be handed out. Wine and snacks will be offered. Maybe. First, there is a national conversation about loneliness: gathering for simple fun could combat that. Second, as a church in this community, we believe our space can and should be used for the community, to gather and to recreate. Third, I personally think adults should play games, to lift their hearts, stretch their imaginations and activate their brain cells. 

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