Seeking Contractor Recos for Two-Story Addition

Have plans for a two-story addition which would include a to-the-studs kitchen renovation, mud-room, master-suite and deck. Please can you provide recommendations for a contractor with experience at managing larger-scale projects?

Thanks in advance!

I have had the pleasure of working with MFA Construction on a large scale renovation and I could not have been happier with not only the result but the process. Renzo Curis and his entire team were conscientious and reliable. They met or exceeded deadlines, were good communicators, and really heard what my family wanted while still using their expertise to give us what we needed. I've heard a lot of horror stories about renovations and have had a few issues with smaller scale projects so I did a lot of research before going with them. They do new home builds and some commercial work so I felt VERY comfortable that they could handle my project. I also met with a lot of contractors who seemed to be spread a little thin - I saw Renzo on a regular basis and I could ALWAYS get in touch with him. Renzo can be reached at 201.697.4141 and a more personal reference can always be given if you'd like - just send me a PM! Good luck!!


Thinking about having our unfinished attic be converted to liveable space. Believe this would involve raising the roof as well. Can anyone recommend a local company for this or share experience with doing this? Any feedback much appreciated.

DASH626 - do you have any updates on your project? Did you find someone you like?

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