Seeking Recommendation for Senior Home Assist in Phoenix area (Surprise/sun city west)

Mom found out on Christmas day she has stage IV lung cancer (in the fluids) does any one have a reco for me to call to get help until i get out there Sunday -- at a min check in service and meals 

Her regular doc is on vacation, the doctor in the hospital checked her out with no support resources or referrals 


Having just gone through a somewhat similar experience, I know how trying this can be.  Please know that the resources are available to get the information and help that you need.

If your Mom was admitted as an in-patient, call the hospital and ask to speak with the social worker or case manager who worked with her while she was there.  They would be the best resource for this and should be able to direct you to what is available in the area.  

If she was not in-patient, there are a number of things you could try from here including but not limited to:

Calling the office(s) of the doctors who are treating her and asking them for resource information - it is quite possible that they will be able to direct you to what you need.

Do an on-line search for visiting nurse services in the section of the Pheonix area where she lives.  In addition to providing visiting nurses, they can also help with home health services.  You may need both, depending on her present condition and home situation.

If your Mom has Medicare coverage, you can call Medicare or go to for a listing of participating resources in the Phoenix area.  

If your Mom has insurance apart from Medicare, there may be hot line you can call for the information you need.  Your Mom should have that information on her insurance card or you may be able to access the content information on the insurance company's website.  

Good luck.  Please post back if you need help with any of this.

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