My mother got shingles 19 years ago it spread to her eye .. called a herpes zoster.  

Despite all the antiviral medication she took she kept on getting recurrences of the virus in her eye... She eventually lost sight in that eye...  It could be she had an extreeme case because she did not have a strong immune system at the time.. 

 I got the vaccine as soon as it came out.

OP, please look at the Seniors Health links I've posted earlier.

Shingles IS herpes zoster, and is related to the virus that causes chicken pox, the virus that causes cold sores and the virus that causes genital herpes. (Everybody who has had chicken pox has the potential to contract zoster as it lies silently in your body, just waiting for the perfect time to cause havoc. You might not remember having chicken pox; it might have been a non-rash case) 

Based on my research after the fact, I think I had shingles on one arm back when I was 21.  My stupid doctor didn't know what it was and prescribed an antibiotic cream.  I still remember the constant sharp pain and blisters.  Lasted maybe 6 weeks of my summer before senior year. Couldn't play the piano (back when 5 hours of practice a day was the norm). 

My brother, on the other hand, suffered for several months and missed work.  He might have been 28; I know he was under tremendous pressure on the job. Even though it was confined to his back, he stayed home in a darkened room and took major painkillers. Doctors said it was stress-induced.

I guess it's time to get the vaccine.  I wish I knew if my mom had gotten the vaccine. Several years ago I know I drove her to Walgreens for a flu shot, and I think she may have gotten the pneumonia and shingles vaccines, but I don't remember. She has been very private and independent in her medical care, and got rid of records (she called it clutter) but now the memory doesn't cooperate. At 93, she doesn't need an outbreak. Hope your mom handles it well and gets over it quickly.  

Would it do harm to get a redundant shot? I know you are supposed to get one that lasts the rest of your life, but what happens if, as in this case, the records are lost and you don't know whether someone got the shot or not? Can you get a shot, or would it do harm if is on top of one you didn't know about?

I wonder if you could ask the Walgreens? I know medical records are confidential and all that, but they might be willing to let you know if it's in their records. At least you know where she went for her shots.

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