Should I let LG Install a New TV Circuit Board to sync with Optimum?

I've been having a lot of trouble syncing my Optimum internet with my LG tv and remote.  Optimum gave me a new router, I bought a new remote, and finally called LG.  They weren't able to reconnect the tv (after rebooting it from factory settings) with the internet and they ordered a new circuit board, which they want to install on Tuesday, after ordering it from Korea, and I have a warranty.

Meanwhile , optimum online help got the tv to sync again with the internet, after I stuck a pin in the router, rebooted the tv and reentered the internet password.  The new remote control still only works without voice, and I often have to reboot the router to get the remote channel buttons to work.  Should I let LG install a new circuit board?  I don't think that's the problem, and they could mess up the tv more by taking it down from the wall, etc., as the technicians didn't seem to know what they were doing last time. 

Sorry can’t help but we’ve had nothing but trouble since buying our LG tv so I’d suspect that’s the problem. 

If I could avoid buying another Smart TV I would do so. We have a Samsung Smart TV but we pretty much just use it as a display/speaker combination. It’s connected to our cable box, blu-ray player and a Roku express that handles all the streaming apps.  

I figure if the Roku goes on the Fritz it’s about $35 to replace instead of having to have the entire TV repaired. 

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