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Hi! I would like to organize a book group specific to the above genres to begin in September. We could chose 2-3 summer readings to be discussed in the fall and winter. Venues and times (evenings probably but lunches possible) to be arranged. I am not sure if this is the category to put this up, but it is a good start. Any interest?

I'm interested, though I'm not a fantastic reader. Might be an excuse to get back into it.

Exactly. I want to read more S. F. which is why the summer readings will be good.

It does sound really good. Please post here when you have the booklist!

I definitely want to discuss The WindupGirl by Bacigalupi. How about Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge By Resnick? Among Others by Walton? Any other recommendations?

Ender's Game would be great as it opens in November. So there is September's choice. List to follow for October, November and December.

I loved The Windup Girl.

Okay, that's a start!


I'm in. Maybe something classic, like the Foundation series or the Moon is Harsh Mistress? Childhood's End?

Also if anyone wants to buy some Sci-Fi books, stop by the Hudson Ave block sale.


As Iain M Banks has passed away I would like to do one of his books. Any suggestions?

I've only read The Player of Games, but I loved it, so I'll be happy with any of them.

Only managed to get one book so far, hopefully this week I'll start reading it.

Did I mention I'm a terrible reader?

I'd like to join, I know a few other non-MOLers who would probably also be interested.

Consider Phlebas is the first one in 'The Culture' series - I enjoyed the Hydrogen Sonata too. I'm thinking about 'Use of Weapons' but have seriously too many books going simultaneously...

I'd definitely be in if available.

I'd like to join, although I'll have a newborn come fall, so I don't know that I'll be readily available to come to discussions right away. I'd still like to have a space saved for when my schedule starts normalizing, though!

I'm interested in joining!

Great! So much interest. How about Surface Detail by Banks?

So the list for Sept to Jan goes Ender's Game, The Windup Girl, Among Others, Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge, and Surface Detail...Sound good for summer readings?

It's good. I managed to at least pick up Ender's Game, hoping to start reading this week.

shemademdedothis is REALLY interested!!! He's saying that rather than rattle off titles, why not discuss first which themes you want to explore then find the books from within those?

He's currently rereading Marion Zimmer Bradley, for example - in hard copy. ereader is full of non-fiction. Fantasy, psy powers, social commentary all within a thoroughly researched historical context OR a feasible social reality, simialr to those of MacCaffrey (sp?).

We've just watched Red Dwarf again, so any of the comic writers (Harry Harrison or Piers Anthony, anyone??) would be fun. He's also saying MK Wren would be a lot of fun to work through in a group (social/sexual equality).

Wanted to get a reading list going for summer. I like MZB, comic writers not so much but possible, MK Wren not sure.

Note we're saying humour writers, not graphic novel writers. While shemademedothis is into graphic & anime/manga genre, I'm not so. I will watch anime, but am not sufficiently an avid fan to know storylines nor authors.

oh oh

Personally I'm not so much for most of the humorous writers. Liked Harry Harrison's Make Room, Make Room (the basis for Soylent Green) but not so much for the humor stuff. (Although he was a funny guy in person.) Liked Piers Anthony's early stuff such as Ring Of Ice but detest his humor stuff.

Just my opinion.

I do look forward to discussing most of the books already picked and hope I can make it. This will finally make me read Among Others which I've been meaning to read.

I can host the first meeting at my place wink

Terry Pratchett, anyone?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, adore, admire and quote Pratchett - would love to visit many of the DiscWorlds!!! (well, the places on the Disc) (Can never see a hot dog or hamburger without thinking "rat inna bun" :-D )

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