Songs About Mary

The Danny Wilson video in the ’80s thread reminded me of a compilation, discussed but never consummated with a friend in college, consisting of all the songs with a Mary in them. (ETA: Well, maybe not all; we didn’t exactly have hymns in mind.) I can’t resist this crowd-sourcing opportunity.

First, the Wilson track:

Along Comes Mary by the Association:  

can't have a list without this Mary:

we could have a whole thread about Springsteen's Marys:

Maria counts too, right?

DianeH said:
Along Comes Mary by the Association

Center square on the bingo sheet!

ml1 said:
we could have a whole thread about Springsteen's Marys:

True that.

Maria counts too, right?

Under the Fountains of Wayne Township Protocol, absolutely not. 

OK, maybe a timely touch of the sacred. (“For now” didn’t last very long for me.)

even when Bruce does a cover...

Mary Mary - The Paul Butterfield Blues Band from an amazing record called East <-> West.

Can't find album version of Liz Phair's "Help Me Mary" but it should be here.

jfinnegan said:

My friend and bandmate was sound effects editor on this. Yay!!

always liked this unusual (for him) new wavish Robert Palmer song:

C'mon Dave, you just knew I'd carry the PP flag on this one...

I’m definitely leaving some favorites on the board, cue, for you and others to claim. Thanks, that was one!

Cousin Mary  - John Coltrane

...and a favorite of mine...

(The Wind Cries Mary, too....)

(and Proud Mary by CCR...)

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