Start a MOL/WW private community!

Great for organizing & brainstorming!

Just send me a private message if you're interested in trying it out!  

Modules included:

- Calendar

- Forum

- Contacts Directory 


- Local Groups

- Personal

- Businesses

Why private?  Sometimes you want to organize things without sharing everything with all of your friends and family.

Usage: We have several test communities working at the moment.  Personally, I have one with Simone.  In the forum section we created categories such as: Around the House, Concert Happenings, Random Thoughts, Must See Things & Day Trips.

It's great when an idea pops into your head and you want to share it - the usual route is via text, Facebook or email, but these often get buried and there's no great order to it.

In the contacts directory we have categories such as: Food Delivery, Favorite Restaurants, Service People and Doctors.

Events calendar is pretty self explanatory.  Again, you can define the categories to customize it to your taste,

BETA - We're in the midst of tweaking a lot of this - your input would be greatly appreciated.  We may make a beta-testing community where we can take tweak requests.  Info on how to manage your private community will be messaged back to you once it is set up.

what happened to this idea! Not that I understand what it is all about.

Thanks for asking!  I'll have more info on it shortly.  We've had several test communities working and am happy with the result.   Just need to tweaks a few more things.  I'll launch a test one here soon so anyone can join and see how it works.

Thank you.  Committee has decided to table using this until members have a clearer idea of how it would work.  A demonstration thread would be very helpful.

Interested in this - we're using mobilize.oi for the community garden - and it's the free version. It has it's drawbacks. Interested in what this option is.

Joy we are currently using Google Groups.  Interested in seeing if the alternative Jamie offers is more flexible.

Ok, we really streamlined the process.  Try it out!

To me the organization is much better then email, texting and a news feed.  It's a reliable tool to keep all content relating to a group, project, family or personal in one place.

This is a private community so only those who have joined and are accepted by the moderator can view or participate in the community.  We'll probably have the public option available shortly as well.

a private community appears to be needed, but why? Will it weaken MOL, drain interest? It this more a group within a group concept?  Inclusive v. exclusive? Or is it something the business community wants? 

Curious, is all.

I personally have 3 communities - one is used is for a local community group - one I use it to keep track of WW projects and brainstorming - one I use it for Simone and myself to keep track of our appointments, plan trips, shopping lists and what to do around the house.

And it's not geared towards the business community either - anyone can use it.

It's not a drain - it's just another reason to use the platform.  So you can easily hop between here and your community.

mtierney said:
a private community appears to be needed, but why? Will it weaken MOL, drain interest? It this more a group within a group concept?  Inclusive v. exclusive? Or is it something the business community wants? 
Curious, is all.

In addition to being a way of attracting more membership to MOL, the private community option provides a real service to small community groups which lack the skill and resources to develop their own on-line presence. Existing options such as email list serves, google groups, Facebook groups, and the like lack flexibility and do not provide the full range of data sharing and storage these groups need to function at an optimal level.  Still, I find it is a hard sell for the group I would like to see use this platform.  Having a public demonstration community that members of groups considering this platform can explore is a real plus.  I would be interested in knowing when what opportunity is available.

Yes, it is tough for a new group to adapt to something new.  I will be making a community that will provide a better overview as to how things work and create some How-to videos as well.

Stay tuned.  grin

I've been trying to persuade shemadedothis to get his business group to host a small community (they're a bunch of international trainers, colleges etc.) so the videos will be very useful.

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