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Hi. I thought that I read a while back about a support group for those of us who have seniors in their lives and I was wondering if such a thing exists. I have to admit that this is way outside of my comfort zone but the issues that I have had to face in regard to both my parents have become overwhelming. Thank you.

Hopey, you might find more info from the posters in this thread:

Feel free to open up, it's a safe place here. 


hopey,  I do hope that you find a helpful support group. In the mean time, you can also call a peer support line for caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s Disease, memory impairment or a related disorder.  Funded by the state, and run out of Rutgers behavioral health, the Care2Caregivers line is: 1-800-424-2494.

The National Council of Jewish women runs a lot of support groups, including one for children of aging parents.  I attended that years ago--my parents have been dead for many years.  It was petty helpful, and a good place to vent.  Give them a call.  You don't have to be Jewish to go.  Unfortunately, I no longer have any contact information, but I'm sure that the organization is listed.  

Because my dad had Alzheimers, I also attended a couple of meetings of Alzheimer;s Association, but I didn't find them helpful.  Mostly they were just very depressing, Alzheimers and other dementias being such interminable and incurable conditions.  You would do better to consult a lawyer specializing in issues relating to dementia in order to protect family assets.

there's an essex county caregivers support group that meets monthly in verona, through the united way of essex county, deborah day is the contact person. also there's another thread here...under virtual cafe I think. 

Addiemoose is referring to the Caregivers thread, in Virtual Cafe. Been very quiet for many months (since Spring, I think)  and most of us now gather in this category. 

It's important to recognise that even though we hear alarming stats like ' 1 in  every 3 people over the age of 85years has dementia' , in fact there are very many families that aren't visited by this particular set of health concerns and related care    burden. And there are many other carer duties and worries to experience as loved ones age and become frail.  (Was just talking with a friend about her partner's inability to keep track of his wildly fluctuating blood sugars, which suddenly dump or surge due to his lucky survival of pancreatic cancer. But it wrecked his mood control as well as his personal insight.)

thank you all. I will probably follow Joanne's link. A safe place sounds good. 

Hopey, I think you'll find that all these suggestions will be safe and confidential even though it feels the world is indeed small and that we know everyone.

Hang in there!

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