Thermostat question

Our thermostat appears to have died. Even with new batteries, it momentarily let us pump up the heat, then decided not to. Now it's just telling us the indoor temperature, which resembles the outdoor temp.

I think the company, ritetemp, is kaput. I'm pretty sure the fact that there are three skinny wires (red attached to "W," green attached to "RH," and white attached to "G") means that we are candidates for a Nest or Ecobee thermostat. Is that right? Heating system is a boiler and old-style radiators that clang and hiss and such.

Anyone smart about this want to recommend a specific thermostat? I feel like I read that the Ecobee is better for a house such as ours, where there is one thermostat and the heat is not even throughout (the upstairs gets very hot in the morning, for instance). It's a little chilly in here now, but the forecast makes me not want to dally. Thanks!

Not saying this is your problem.  A number of years ago, I changed the battery on my thermostat and found that the thermostat was still not working.  I called our plumber who found that I had not lined up the parts of the thermostat correctly when I closed it after the battery change.  Two minutes tops and the problem was resolved.  Thermostat is still going strong.

Ooh, interesting (she says, looking at the Nest display at Costco). Not sure what parts there are to line up, but maybe I need to put all the little plastic pieces back on?

I would not bother with a nest for a steam system.  Steam systems are more efficient when they run fairly steadily.  I used to do just two setbacks on ours, and a $30 digital thermostat worked perfectly.  In fact, I think I have one you can have.

You definitely are NOT a candidate for a "cycling" thermostat if you have a steam boiler.

@FilmCarp, I would take you up on that, if you're around this evening. 

By two setbacks, do you mean two temp changes? That's what we've ended up doing, since I work from home. 

Stupid question: If it clangs it's steam not hot water, right?

If hot water "clangs," it may mean the radiators need to be "bled."

Does it have one of these?

if so, it’s steam.  If not, hot water, circulating.

Additional info: If it's hot water, circ., make sure bedrooms have humidifier.  Hot water, circ., produces a dry heat. Sinus passages dry out and infections usually result.

My husband just came home with and installed a new basic thermostat. The heat is on!

zucca said:

@Formerlyjerseyjack, Is this that?

 Yes, that is that.

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