This way to politics in our new subforum . . . .

This is sort of an experiment, sometimes the main discussions list gets too politics heavy and we wanted to see how the main page works without politics for a day or two.  With the subforum we can also add more detailed categories.  Right now the link is here - it also appears when you're on a desktop browser above the categories list on the leftside "Politics Plus".

I do not like that I can see everything in one place. It is fine to provide the option to not. But there should also be a way to still see everything. 

we will probably adjust to the new format, feels awkward right now. What thoughts made the Pope Francis move? His position in world affairs, I understand, but many posts on that  thread relate to Church matters, functions, and good news.

Jamie, could you please review how to report another poster? I used the report choice 4 times recently and apparently word never got to you. Thanks.

I thought you could already block politics from showing up. If so, what's the point of this?

like i said - just an experiment - I would like to expand categories within certain categories.  One issue is that when lurkers come to a Maplewood Forum and what they see is the top threads all politics it makes the Maplewood part a bit obsolete.   And some of those thread have between 1,000 to 13,000 posts.  Which - and many threads overwhelming to even open.

Also, people may not know how to block categories, and sometimes they may want to see politics, but not always block and unblock them.  So just trying things out. 

I'll move the Pope thread back to the virtual cafe - since many posts recently were political - I moved it.  I'll review the report requests.

This could of some use when looking only for a political thread in a discussion list.

Political discussion threads are very active, however, usually only about 3 or 4 show up on my first page of the discussion list. Looking right now I see only 3 political threads active within the last 2 days. 

So, I don't think the discussion list itself was to politically heavy.

I understand the rationale, but prefer the original listing of everything together.  Now, I would have to make a special effort to check political threads, which I'm ambivalent about reading already to begin with, so might not bother.... Perhaps a pinned thread for new bloggers with a few tips on thread blocking, etc. might help them if it's not there already...

I appreciate the sub-category approach.  Some might be more interested in national affairs, other strictly local.  However, at the zoom some of us older posters use, the left and/or right hand margins are not readily visible.  This makes it very difficult to find threads under a subcategory. Why not have a sticky link, in this case "Politics Threads" at the top of the discussions page.  Click on the link and the subtopics/ threads appear.

it's a pain in the neck to get to that section on a phone.

ok thanks for the feedback - putting politics back in the main feed - we do need to figure out easier mobile access.  

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