Tools for Interpreting PSAT Scores

Hi there. I'm a private college counselor in Millburn and a test-prep company I know, trust, and like just posted some VERY useful--and free--tools for interpreting PSAT scores that I thought this community might find helpful. Happy holidays. Enjoy!


1. How students access their scores online. A one-page PDF flowchart that anticipates the hurdles students might encounter when attempting to retrieve scores and linking to Khan Academy to take advantage of customized study plans based on the PSAT.">…
2. Understanding the PSAT score report. What to make of the different percentile groups and subscores and what you can learn from the numbers.">…/
3. You just took the PSAT. Now what? A discussion of sensible next steps after receiving PSAT scores. We feel that the PSAT shouldn't be an automatic springboard into the SAT but rather a tool to help make a fully informed decision between the SAT and ACT.">…/
4. Using PSAT scores to compare SAT and ACT. User-friendly chart and table to easily compare scores using available concordance information. Also available as one-page PDF. (Note: This tool has been updated to reflect differences between the percentile information CB released in January 2016 versus the release in June 2016.)">…/
5. How to choose between SAT and ACT when scores are equivalent. The ACT has been more popular in recent years but the SAT is a better fit for many students. This post examines the more subtle factors that students and counselors may want to consider when overall scores on practice tests are a dead heat.
6. What is a "good" score on the PSAT? This is not the "right" question per se, but it's certainly an inevitable question. PSAT scores are still new, and most colleges will not report scores on the new SAT from enrolled students until spring 2018. Meanwhile, this tool provides estimated new SAT ranges, as well as the most recent actual ACT ranges, for a diverse group of nearly 400 colleges and universities. Also available as PDF.">
7. In spite of objections to using PSAT cut scores to determine "merit" aid, the National Merit Scholarship Program remains a high-profile aspect of the PSAT. These companion posts offer detailed answers to FAQ's about National Merit and a complete list of Semifinalist cutoffs for every state for the class of 2017. and…/

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