Top 10 Unnecessary Remakes - Movies

According to MSN entertainment and the help of Bing, here are 10 classic films we they feel is was unnecessary to do-over.

Agree or disagree??

1. 'Psycho'
Original: 1960, starring Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh and Vera Miles
Remake: 1998, starring Vince Vaughn, Anne Heche and Julianne Moore.

2. 'The Women'
Original: 1939, starring Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell
Remake: 2008, starring Meg Ryan, Annette Bening and Eva Mendes.

3. 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory'
Original: 1971, starring Gene Wilder, Peter Ostrum and Jack Albertson
Remake: 2005, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," starring Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore and David Kelly.

4. 'Sabrina'
Original: 1954, starring Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn and William Holden
Remake: 1995, starring Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond and Greg Kinnear.

5. 'The Manchurian Candidate'
Original: 1962, starring Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey and Angela Lansbury
Remake: 2005, starring Denzel Washington, Liev Schrieber and Meryl Streep.

6. 'The Stepford Wives'
Original: 1975, starring Katharine Ross, Paula Prentiss and Peter Masterson
Remake: 2004, starring Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler and Matthew Broderick.

7. 'The Pink Panther'
Original: 1963, starring David Niven, Peter Sellers and Robert Wagner
Remake: 2006, starring Steve Martin, Kevin Kline and Jean Reno.

8. 'The Karate Kid'
Original: 1984, starring Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita and Elisabeth Shue
Remake: 2010, starring Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith and Taraji P. Henson.

9. 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'
Original: 1974, starring Marilyn Burns, Edwin Neal and Allen Danziger
Remake: 2003, starring Jessica Biel, Jonathan Tucker and Andrew Bryniarski.

10. 'Lolita'
Original: 1962, starring James Mason, Shelley Winters and Sue Lyon
Remake: 1997, starring Jeremy Irons, Dominique Swain and Melanie Griffith.

Footloose should be on that list...

Footloose,' 'The Thing' and 'The Three Musketeers' open this month, begging the question: Are all these remakes really necessary?

I personally like the new version of Willy Wonka ..

I like Tim Burton .. and he did the "dark version" of this movie and I enjoyed it ...

Maybe "Arthur" should be in the list .. but I did enjoy the new version with Rusell Brand wink

I liked the new Karate Kid better than the original. How come they didn't include all the classic Jerry Lewis movies that Eddie Murphy ruined.



I liked the new Karate Kid better than the original.

You know, the original karate kid is a Classic 80's movie .. I can understand doing a re-make of this kind can be unnecessary ... even more when the public falls in love with the characters/Actors ...

I heard the new version was good .. I personally haven't seen it ...

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

If someone remakes the movie "The Breakfast Club" I will be so angry tongue wink .. because I feel they will ruin a classic 80's movie ... (yeah I'm a huge fan of this movie)

The In-Laws
Fun with Dick and Jane
La Femme Nikita -> Point of No Return
The Producers

On the other hand, remaking Zero Hour! into Airplane! was a good thing.

Wikipedia has a list of film remakes that's kind of interesting.

The Women was remade into a horrid musical in the 1950s...I think its called The Opposite Sex.

Why doesn't anyone remake the bad movies? Everyone has opinions on how to make a bad movie better, why can't someone tackle that??? Although I did read that someone did a remake of I Spit on Your Grave...

sbenois said:

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Yeah, what's with that? Couldn't they have just dubbed the first one for people who won't go to movies with subtitles?

the remake of Total Recall is currently shooting. Disturbia was essentially Rear window. The roommate was pretty much Single White Female. Fright night was remade too, as was nightmare on elm street, didn't bother with either. Hollywood is out of ideas.

I'm still recovering from the original Fantastic Voyage which my parents dragged me to see in 1967. So creepy. Can't imagine going to the remake.

The most egregious remake of all time was the Richard Gere, "Breathless". When the original film is so original and ground-breaking, so perfect, and is a true cinematic icon you should really just leave it alone.

@Freeway, Hollywood isn't REALLY out of ideas; they have an inexhaustible amount of TV shows and comic books still to retread.

I'm a horror movie geek so I would add "Nightmare on Elm Street" to that list of DO NOT REMAKE.

Oh, and "Bewitched". YIKES!

I also hear they finished shooting Red Dawn - now it's the North Koreans that invade us...

The remake of Planet of the Apes was unnecessary. I think the new "The Thing" is a prequel.

blackcat said:

The remake of Planet of the Apes was unnecessary. I think the new "The Thing" is a prequel.

Disagree completely...the new film is amazing.

let me add FAME...I refused to see it. I graduated high school in 1982 so I'm an 80s fanatic. I don't understand why they did Footloose either and I have no desire to see it. If they even THINK about remaking FLASHDANCE, I will star a petition. LOL. Almost every fashion decision I made in college was inspired by Jennifer beals. I copied every outfit she wore in that movie down to her EXACT black leotard.

Another one I don't understand is the 70s classic SPARKLE...why????!!!!! Lonette McKee is even up in arms about it.

There are some cute remakes that I enjoy when I see them: the parent trap, and father of the bride.

I hope they dont re-make any of the Abbot and Costello movies or Marx Brothers movies.

Or Ferris Beuller's Day Off

I have not seen "the thing" but did see Rise of the Planet of the Apes which I believe is the sequel and thought it was awful.

Night of the Living Dead.

All remakes are unnecessary. there are no new ideas in movies. You can list three or four formulae that describe every single movie out there. They're all remakes in one sense or another. Some just steal more from previous incarnations.

Steve Martin is no Peter Sellers: The Pink Panther.

trinity said:

There are some cute remakes that I enjoy when I see them: the parent trap, and father of the bride.

I think the 2nd parent trap was superior to the first and I LOVED the first one! I bought the original for my kids and it didn't hold up for me, although Hayley Mills is still adorable and great in the starring role. At one point her parents are talking about how they used to have great rows and the father laughs and mentions the mother had a great upper hook or something like that - how times have changed!

I wasn't talking about "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" with James Franco-which wasn't a remake. I do want to see it once its out on DVD. I was talking about the one with Mark Wahlberg which didn't do much as a remake.

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