Tuner/Amplifier Buzz & turntable question

Do I just need a new amp?  It's buzzing without the volume even up.  Or is there an easy fix.

In the meantime - I think I have a second amp in the attic somewhere.

Take it to Ralph at One Stop Repairs, next door to Wooley. He can fix anything at a very reasonable price.


That is true and he would tell me if it's worth it or not.

Second part is regarding a turntable which is the main reason why I need the tuner fixed.  It sounds very dull and muddy.  

I tried hooking it up to my sound board which should be fine - but disappointing.  

When was the last time you replaced the needle?

I probably never even used this thing.  Maybe it got damaged at some point.

Is the ground wire on the turntable connected to the amp?

The amp Definitely sounds like a grounding problem. Try flipping the plug around if it’s not polarized (unlikely). You could also try another electrical outlet, in case the outlet ground is bad. 

As for the turntable, like Max said, the stylus could be worn or damaged, and per sbenois, the TT might be ungrounded. Lastly, if the turntable doesn’t contain a phono preamp, then it needs to be plugged into a “phono” input, not an “AUX” input. 

- Meta, the semi-reformed audiophile.

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