Verizon was charging me full price for a lost/stolen line

Just as a heads up - this has happened to me before, status of one ipad was reported as lost or stolen.  In the past, I think they've charged $10 a month for maintaining the line.

When I changed over from verizon to xfinity - it shut off the phones - but not the ipad.

Instead of the old $10 for maintaining a line - I've getting the full 3 gig/device rate of $40 a month.  I was on autopay - and I wasn't looking close enough at these emails.  UGH

Just make sure every device is fully disconnected when cancelling service.

The main theory is that people want to hold onto their phone numbers - I said "The phone number connected to their Ipad- who does that?".

Does anyone here actually care about the phone # connected to their Ipad?

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