Watch the Grammys and see Maplewood's star SZA

This should be exciting. She is the daughter of her lovely mother Audrey Rowe and a graduate of Columbia High School.

SZA's acceptance speech for Best R&B Song award, Lizzo announcing it using her full name, and camera cut to parents Abdul and Audrey.

That was a really great show from beginning to end!

It really was one of the best awards shows I have seen in a long time. Trevor Noah is funny without being a jerk, most of the performances (including Sza) were awesome, acceptance speeches were fun as were presenters.

cons…Mic noise sucked, wish they would have more categories live (rap, rock), and I wish Olivia Rodrigo had won something because her album was great, but she had tough competition.

But all in all we really enjoyed it.

Wasn't SZA just fabulous?!?!?  Audrey and Abdul -- Kudos to you and thank you for bringing this young woman into our lives.  How nice to have her as a symbol of all the good she's brought and now gives back to Maplewood.  And to have Taylor Swift dancing in the aisles to your song -- Bliss!

Trevor was spot on!  No cringing at jokes going sour .... just smooth as silk.

Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs gave me a whole new insight to "Fast Car".  Incomparable songwriting and hearing it as a duet was icing on the cake.  

And to see Joni Mitchell singing again -- to see her even alive after all she's been through -- was a blessing and took me right back to being a teenager.  Billy Joel and a NEW song just made the night.

The whole show was miles above other awards shows (which I've basically stopped watching).

What a thrill!

Juniemoon said:

The whole show was miles above other awards shows (which I've basically stopped watching).

I rarely watch any rewards shows other than the Tony Awards since the live stage actors seem better at these things generally. But if we hadn't had tickets to the Paper Mill Playhouse that night, I would have been watching this one for SZA since we've known her since she was a little girl. Now that I hear how they have upped their game for the Grammys show in general, I may have to put it on my list for the future! As it is, I'm tracking down all the YouTube videos of SZA and Joni and others I'm hearing about that I'm sorry to have missed.

Imagine writing a song in your twenties, and singing it at the Grammys when you’re eighty…you’ve looked at life from both sides indeed.

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