I would like to learn basic welding, nothing to industrial, just the basics for some furniture design ideas I have in mind, Does anyone have any ideas, contacts, for someone who could show me the ropes over a couple of days?.

A year or two ago on the Mount Tabor house tour, there was a welder/iron worker guy whose house was on the tour, and then he was in the driveway actually showing how he does his work. I cannot recall his name, but I bet if you googled the right combo of words he would not be too hard to find. He was really nice and friendly, and his work was amazing. Or, check with the Mount Tabor Historical Society, which hosts the annual tour. (It's coming up in September, and totally worth the trip - Mount Tabor is a former Methodist summer resort, similar to Ocean Grove, squeezed onto a hillside between Denville and Parsippany. It is an absolutely fascinating place!)

3 Years ago on the MWD house tour we went to that house on Maplewood Ave. between MWD and SO. They guy did lots of metal sculpture
and I think most of it was welded. If you drive by, you'll see his art on the front lawn. I'm sure someone on MOL knows this person.
Also @MetalArt works in metal - he may even be the person whose house we visited.

Howie Stein approx 61 Maplewood Ave. He was on the Artists studio tour.

Enroll in a welding class. You can learn to weld in a few hours but the technique takes years to learn. I've been doing it for over 20 years and i'm still learning every day.

I second the welding class. Community colleges usually have short courses in basic welding - nothing major.

Thanks everyone, will look into your suggestions

Lincoln Tech on Vuxhall may have classes.

I think Lincoln tech would be a long term commitment. Union cty go tech in scotch plains might be your best bet- that's probably 10 classes for around $200.

Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but I'm looking for this as well and was wondering if the OP ever figured out a solution

I took a course a couple of years ago, sounds exactly what your looking for, I had never welded before and wanted to learn and incorporate it in my furniture.

The class was one evening a week for three hours (I think). It was great fun.

I am sure this is what your looking for and it was not expensive. You may even get in a class that starts this September if you call soon. Good luck.


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