What's on your Thanksgiving menu?

mrincredible said:

Hats off to you, Cramer. 30 people is a massive undertaking.

Mrs. C gets all of the credit and we have great relatives who really helped. 

btw - We had a very nice Pinot Noir and a Gruner Veltiner, which I had never tried but was recommended for Thanksgiving. People really liked it.  

and Stella Artois, for the millennials. 

eta - Mrs. C's aunt made bacon-wrapped dates which were possibly one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted.  

rcarter31 said:

Most everything else from Whole Foods!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ron Carter


I used to get our sides from Whole Foods, but found Ashley to be fresher, tastier (great chestnut stuffing, garlic spinach, and extra giblet gravy), and more sane for food pickup on a Thursday morning.

At home I made:

  1. Vegan Green beans with lemon zest (finally found haricot verts at Kings)
  2. Baked yams
  3. Raspberry sauce

It all must have been really good, because my aging uncle who voted for Trump and supported him for the first couple of years said he now thinks Trump should be impeached.

In 2 words:   Too Much!

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